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Best Auto Insurance

best auto insuranceOne way to find the best auto insurance companies may just be looking for which ones are the worst. These are easy to find. People just need to know who to approach and what questions to ask them. Looking for the worst companies will allow customers to cross these names off when they have received a long list of quotes from several auto insurance companies.

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After they have eliminated the bad, they will need to differentiate which are the best auto insurance companies. Like looking for the worst, there is a strategy for finding the best. First, what should auto insurance customers avoid?

Ask Repair Shops

Employees at auto repair shops are always engaged with people from auto insurance companies. They have to receive payment from these companies, and they may have an extremely difficult time with some of them. They are a great source of information when people want to find the best auto insurance.

If people seeking auto insurance call these auto repair shops and ask how easy it is to deal with each company they have on their comparison list, they will know how easy it will be for them to receive the service they need if they ever have a car collision.

Consult the Department of Insurance

In every state, insurance consumers have access to the Department of Insurance. When customers have complaints against their insurance companies, they may contact this agency to inform them. It’s one more place where people can do research on an insurance company’s effectiveness.

Seek Reviews of Auto Insurance Companies Online

When people are unhappy and their complaints aren’t addressed right away by their insurance companies, they feel as if they have been taken advantage of; they may even feel as if they would like to take out revenge on their auto insurance companies. The Internet gives them the perfect opportunity to do this because they can complain online in a forum.

Everything on the Internet remains there forever, and other people will be reading these reviews for years. As more and more people have complaints against one company, they can also add their comments to all of the previous ones. An auto insurance company that has this type of negative publicity working against it that doesn’t do anything to improve its service certainly can’t be called one of the best auto insurance companies.

Characteristics of the Worst Auto Insurance Companies

Agencies and people within the auto insurance industry are constantly doing research in the auto insurance area. What one research study found were three common characteristics that the worst auto insurance companies share:

1. The auto insurance companies spent most of their time maximizing their profit margins rather than working to give their customers excellent service.
2. The tactic that these companies used to grow their profits was refusing to pay as many claims as they could.
3. The companies had employees with increasing salaries due to the fact that claims weren’t being paid.

Offering Low Quotes

One factor that makes an auto insurance company a provider of the best auto insurance is the fact that services and coverage can be delivered at a low price but as has been seen above, the worst companies can also quote a low price. Some companies quote low prices because they aren’t doing anything for their clients.

Now that people know how to differentiate between the worst and the best auto insurance companies, they are better able to make a good choice after they have sought several auto insurance quotes from this comparison website.

J.D. Power and Associates

A shortcut to finding the best auto insurance company is to go to the J.D. Power and Associates website. This company asks an insurance company’s customers what they think about their companies’ service. The fact that this company will survey clients when they are not necessarily upset about anything gives this website’s rating more credibility than a forum that has been created to take complaints.

The Best Auto Insurance

The best auto insurance will be found at a company that can score highly on J.D. Power and Associates’ four categories:

1. Policy Offerings,
2. Pricing,
3. Billing and Payment,
4. Contacting the Insurer.

Policy Offerings

Among the best auto insurance companies are those that have several options for auto insurance coverage. Different types of coverage will be suitable for repairing damage such as collision or comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage is good for a new car, but the owner may not think that comprehensive coverage would be worthwhile. Customers that have the option of purchasing collision coverage and comprehensive coverage if they want both will be happy with their company’s policy offerings.


The best auto insurance company offers several different types of auto insurance for prices that their clients believe are fair and reasonable.

Billing and Payment

The best auto insurance companies that score high on this category are those companies that aren’t making many billing errors. They are charging their clients the correct amount without appearing to be trying to overcharge them. They rarely have to call these companies to dispute anything.

They also give their clients a variety of ways that they can pay their bills. These choices may include:

• Electronic bill payment,
• Payment of premiums in one lump sum for a discount,
• Online statements,
• The option of paying premiums monthly
• Or even the old-fashioned way with paper statements sent through the mail.

Contacting the Insurer

The best auto insurance companies make contacting them as easy and convenient for their customers as they can. They offer their clients several choices so that they have the manner in which they most like to communicate with their insurance companies. They will have a customer service number, an email address, an automated system or their personal agents’ phone numbers.

J.D. Power and Associates is interested in what customers think of how they are treated when they reach someone at the company; they will be asked to rate these transactions under the contacting the insurer category. If they have largely positive experiences, the auto insurance company will receive a high rating.

Comparing Quotes Makes Things Easier

Sometimes, people don’t trust a comparison website because these sites are representing several insurance companies, and they may or may not be offering great coverage. The prices may be low, but the service is driving their clients to take to the forums to tarnish their reputations. It’s possible that this type of company will be present in the list of auto insurance companies, but it’s also possible to find the best auto insurance companies within this list.

Obtaining car insurance quotes from this site is your best chance of finding the best auto insurance possible. Start now by entering your zip code!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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