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4 Ways You Know You Should Obtain Travelers Auto Insurance

Ways You Know You Should Obtain Travelers Auto InsuranceFinding an auto insurance provider can be a long and arduous road at times. It can seem like it would nice if someone could just point you in the direction of a great provider. Look no further, because Travelers Auto Insurance is a great company that will likely be a great match for you. Seeing is believing, and there are four different ways that tell that Travelers Auto Insurance is a great company.

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A great insurance provider is determined by several different factors, and price is just one of them. You can look for these factors to assess the worth of any car insurance provider.

#1: They Have a Long History

The auto insurance industry is one that is fraught with perils and pitfalls, and insurance providers go under every day. With Travelers Auto Insurance, you know they are doing something right, because they are considered the oldest surviving car insurance provider.

4 You Know You Should Obtain Travelers Auto InsuranceAccording to their website, Travelers Auto Insurance has been around for over 140 years. The company was first started in 1864 as the Travelers Insurance Company. It sold insurance coverage to travelers; mainly focusing on voyages made by railroad or boat. As early as 1889, Travelers was branching into new lines of insurance. In 2004, Travelers merged with the St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company, another insurance provider that had been in business for many years.

Today, the company, now named the Travelers Companies, Inc., has expanded to multiple lines of insurance, offers coverage in every state and a few foreign countries, and posted $25 billion in revenue at the end of 2011.

Few car insurance companies can match the history and experience of Travelers Auto Insurance. When you sign up for a car insurance policy with Travelers, you know that you are getting a company that has survived two World Wars, the Great Depression, and an ever-changing market. From that, you will know that Travelers Auto Insurance has the knowledge and expertise to handle whatever the future holds.

#2: They Are a Major Insurer

Being in business a long time is not the only benefit of Travelers Car Insurance. When you obtain auto insurance with Travelers, you are also utilizing one of the major insurance companies in the U.S. Being one of the major insurers means a wide array of insurance packages, representatives all over the country, and a user-friendly website.

You Know You Should Obtain Travelers Auto InsuranceAccording to the 2011 Market Share Data released by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Travelers Insurance is in the top 10 of most major insurance markets in the U.S. Travelers Insurance was the ninth-largest private car insurance provider, with 2.08% of the market.

As a major insurer in many other coverage lines, Travelers Auto Insurance was the 6th largest insurance company in the U.S. in 2011 with 4.44% of the overall insurance market.

As mentioned, Travelers offers many other lines of insurance coverage. In addition to individual car insurance coverage, they offer insurance such as homeowner’s and renter’s insurance, umbrella insurance, and coverage for a boat or yacht, just to name a few. Travelers also offers business insurance for all size companies, with packages for commercial auto, liability insurance, and more.

This wide array of offerings from Travelers Insurance allows you to get different insurance lines from the same provider. Bundling services will likely save you time, money, and effort.

#3: They Have Strong Financial Ratings

In addition to all of the above, Travelers Insurance also has a strong financial foundation. Finding an insurance company with a solid economic base allows you the peace of mind to know that the company will be there for you in the future.

All subsidiary companies of Travelers Auto Insurance that are rated by A.M. Best have a strong financial rating of either A or A+.

A.M. Best is a ratings organization that is designated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to maintain ratings on important industries such as the insurance industry. A.M. Best assigns an A rating to those companies that it feels have an excellent ability to meet their financial obligations. Furthermore, those companies with an A+ rating have a superior ability to meet their insurance obligations.

The obligations of car insurance providers are numerous. Auto insurance coverage is meant to make you whole again after a crash or other loss. It essentially protects your way of life. Few people would be able to handle theKnow You Should Obtain Travelers Auto Insurance bills and liability that can accompany an accident, theft, or other unforeseeable event. Auto insurance companies make a promise to pay those claims and bills.

If an insurance provider does not maintain the assets or financial standing to pay all of its claims, then it is not living up to its obligations. Events such as natural disasters or a poor economy can affect an insurer’s bottom line, and that can spell trouble for customers if the company goes bankrupt. If they do, then claims go unpaid, injuries and damages go untreated, and many customers’ financial security goes up in smoke.

Only those companies with strong financial ratings have the revenue, assets, and business practices to weather natural or economic storms. Travelers Auto Insurance is one of those companies, and they have been doing so for over 140 years. You can be assured that Travelers will be there in the future, no matter what.

#4: They Offer Great Customer Service

You Should Obtain Travelers Auto InsuranceAs if longevity and strong finances aren’t enough, Travelers Insurance still has other points that make it a great car insurance company. There are many aspects that you want to see in the perfect car insurance company, and great customer service is an important factor that is often overlooked. A car accident can be stressful, and your insurer can either add to the stress or help to alleviate it. Fortunately, Travelers Auto Insurance is a highly rated car insurance provider in terms of customer service.

Time and again, Travelers’ name is highlighted as offering great customer service. J.D. Power and Associates conducts annual ratings that are well regarded in the industry, and they are all based on actual customer responses on surveys. Travelers garnered a four out of five rating for appraisals during the claims process, and three out of five rating for additional factors such as the repair process and settlements.

If you were to research Travelers’ ratings in past years’ surveys, you would find that the insurer just about always has a high rating. Travelers Auto Insurance wouldn’t have been in business so long if they weren’t treating their customers right through all of those years.

Another source that also gives Travelers a high customer service rating is the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB rates the Travelers Companies, Inc. as an A on a scale of A+ to F, citing Travelers’ length of time in business and its commitment to resolving customer complaints.

A Note of Caution

It is important to note that every driver has different needs, and not all car insurance companies will fit those needs. Though Travelers Auto Insurance is a great company, it doesn’t mean that they will be the best company for you.

Obtain Travelers Auto InsuranceTravelers certainly has all of the aspects that make a great insurance company, but price is still important. Even though Travelers is one of the most recommendable insurance providers, you might not find your lowest price for coverage with them. It is up to you to weigh all of the positives of Travelers Insurance against a possible higher premium.

Certainly, price is not everything, but it should be taken into consideration. Sometimes a higher price is worth it if you are getting superior service.

If Travelers does not offer you what you feel is an affordable price for coverage, know that there is likely an insurance provider out there who will.

Just make sure that you compare factors such as time in business, financial strength, and customer service ratings alongside price when you are searching for an auto insurance provider. If you find a great price with a company that is new and on shaky financial ground, then you really should pay more for an insurer that will be around for the next couple of years. As long as you find a company that is strong in all of the areas above like Travelers, then you can be assured that you have a great insurance provider.

Compare, Compare, Compare

There is only one way to know if Travelers Auto Insurance will offer you the best price for Should Obtain Travelers Auto Insurancethe same coverage. You must shop around and get quotes from as many providers as possible to know exactly how much any car insurance company will charge you.

Using the same amount of coverage, you can get quotes from agents, call centers, or online websites. One of the fastest and easiest ways to get multiple quotes for coverage is to use quote comparison websites. These websites will take your driver information and send it out to likely companies such as Travelers. Those companies will then return quotes for coverage to you, allowing you to compare the range of prices available.

Once you get enough quotes, make sure to vet each and every company for its length of time in business, its financial ratings, the insurance products it offers, and its reputation for good customer service. Likely as not, Travelers Insurance will be among the top to provide your insurance needs!

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