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Empire Auto Insurance Review

Auto Insurance ReviewShopping for auto insurance can be very difficult or it can be very easy. The way to make it a simple endeavor is to receive quotes from insurance companies that are eagerly waiting to offer their free quotes to potential new customers. Because these companies need new business, they are in a position to offer people rates on auto insurance that are highly advantageous to their customers. Make sure you enter your ZIP code and get numerous car insurance quotes for FREE!

One of the companies that people will receive a free quote from is Empire Auto Insurance. The Empire Auto Insurance Company is one company that would be an excellent choice for people to research further for several reasons. One is because of their attention to honesty.

A Member of the National Ethics Bureau

Empire Auto Insurance is a member of the National Ethics Bureau. Now known as the National Ethics Association, this organization has a very important duty: It helps its members conduct their business practices ethically and according to the laws of the state in which they do business.

Empire Auto Insurance, Auto Insurance Review

An Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau

As an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Empire Auto Insurance has been determined to be a business that works hard to resolve any complaints its customers have.

Auto insurance companies often receive many complaints when they, for example, are slow to complete the claims process. Their customers have the ability to file complaints against them with the BBB. Empire Auto Insurance works with the BBB to conduct their business in way that prevents customer complaints.

Personal Auto Insurance

In Florida, every driver will need to purchase liability coverage. Empire Auto Insurance, like all other auto insurance companies, is required to offer the liability coverage that allows people to drive legally in Florida. It also has several other types of auto insurance coverage that will keep Floridians from using a significant portion of their savings if they should ever cause a car collision. Empire Auto Insurance also offers many other types of auto insurance listed below.

Empire Auto Insurance offers these optional coverages:

  • Collision coverage that repairs/replaces a vehicle damaged in a car collision.
  • Comprehensive coverage that repairs a vehicle damaged in a manner other than a car collision.
  • Medical Payments coverage that pays the medical bills for injuries sustained as a driver or a pedestrian.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage that pays medical expenses for the driver and passengers caused by uninsured or underinsured motorists.

Auto insurance clients that only purchase liability coverage have the money they need to take financial responsibility for the damages and injuries they cause if they are the at-fault parties in a collision. However, this coverage will not pay for their own medical bills or property damages.

The optional coverage that Empire Auto Insurance sells will repair the at-fault drivers’ vehicles and pay for their medical expenses. The Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage will take care of the expenses when the policyholder is not at fault, but the other driver cannot cover all of the bills.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Empire Auto Insurance

Business owners that use cars, trucks or vans for running their businesses also need to purchase auto insurance for these vehicles and their employees. The policies they have for their personal vehicles cannot cover their commercial automobiles, but they can purchase this type of insurance from Empire.

Empire Auto Insurance is an auto insurance company that obviously works to offer its clients the best service it possibly can. Future clients can be assured of this because it has joined the National Ethics Association and became accredited by the BBB, and they can obtain a quote from this company right at this very moment.

To obtain FREE quotes from Empire Auto Insurance along with online car insurance quotes from other competitors, simply click on the above link enter your ZIP code. Find the perfect car insurance for your needs by reading our car insurance reviews.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save