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FFG Auto Insurance Review

FFG Auto Insurance, Federal Financial Group, is the subsidiary of a highly secure auto insurance company called National Indemnity Company. The National Indemnity Company has received the highest grade possible, A++, from credit ratings agency, A.M. Best. The grade means that this company would not have any difficulties making payments to its policy holders under any circumstances. To get multiple online car insurance quotes for FREE, enter your ZIP code in our car insurance comparison tool.

National Indemnity Company

Another very positive thing about FFG Auto Insurance is that it is associated with a company that has been in business since 1940. This has given this company several years of experience writing insurance policies for commercial automobiles, specifically taxis. 

National Indemnity Company is a very large, national company, but clients of FFG Auto Insurance will have a local company working on their behalf. A local agency is very beneficial to its clients because the company has a greater ability to exercise better customer service. 

Commercial Auto Insurance Policies

FFG Auto Insurance has since expanded its commercial auto insurance policies to include Business Auto, Commercial Trucks and Truckers, Passenger Transport and Specialty Operations.

Business Auto

FFG can provide all types of businesses with their business auto insurance needs from small, medium to large-sized companies. Their coverage has been applied to an extensive number of businesses including: 

  • Children’s transportation construction equipment
  • Company cars
  • Vehicles used on construction sites
  • Courtesy cars
  • Automobiles used for delivering products
  • Cars used to train drivers
  • Vehicles used in farming
  • Funeral automobiles
  • Food trucks
  • Religious groups’ automobiles
  • Rental cars
  • Cars used in security operations

High Liability Limits

Just about any type of business may be able to purchase a commercial auto insurance policy from FFG Auto Insurance, but their clients may also enjoy the fact that they can purchase such high liability limits from this company. FFG Auto Insurance offers liability policies for up to $5,000,000 for qualifying vehicles. 

Help with Governmental Regulations

To make complying with their states’ regulations easier for their clients, FFG Auto Insurance can, sometimes, offer a needed service for their clients. If any of their clients need a governmental filing, the agents at this company can perform this obligation for them. 

Commercial Trucks and Truckers

FFG Auto Insurance will offer several different types of car insurance for several different types of vehicles for all types of industries and companies. As well as insuring many types of vehicles that are used in the process of constructing a building, for example, they also insure the vehicles that transport other vehicles, such as car carriers. 

Cargo Coverage

The coverage FFG Auto Insurance offers for commercial trucks and truckers takes into account the fact that the business has property other than the vehicle to insure. For example, clients of FFG Auto Insurance can purchase Cargo Coverage that covers any loss to the goods that are being transported in the commercial vehicle.

In-Tow Coverage 

While a vehicle is towing another vehicle, the vehicle being towed may be damaged. FFG also has insurance coverage for the vehicle that is being towed in their In-Tow Coverage. 

Passenger Transport

All types of vehicles that are transporting human beings, such as buses, limousines, emergency vehicles and taxis, also need commercial auto insurance, and these types of businesses can purchase it from FFG Auto Insurance. They can purchase liability insurance for third party damages as well as Physical Damage Coverage for their own vehicles. 

This policy also gives these businesses insurance that will pay the medical bills of people injured if there is a collision between the passenger vehicle and another car on the roads. 

Specialty Operations Insurance

Specialty Operations Insurance covers vehicles such as hearses, bloodmobiles, street sweepers and prisoner transportation. Liability and physical damage coverage insures these vehicles when the business’s drivers are at fault. FFG Auto Insurance also has a policy for when the passengers are injured due to an uninsured or underinsured motorist. 

The Claims Process car insurance claim

When policy holders have a claim to file, they have four different manners of doing so. They may submit their claims by: 

  •  Email
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Mail

FFG Auto Insurance clients can submit their claims at any time of the day, Monday through Sunday. FFG Auto Insurance addresses the claims its clients file as quickly as possible, but they also set those who have sustained a serious injury apart from the rest of the claims. If there is a serious injury due to a collision, FFG Auto Insurance requests that its clients call the toll-free telephone number right away, even if they do not have all of the pertinent information. 

Simply EFT

In order to save their clients money on their premiums, FFG Auto Insurance has a method of payment called Simply EFT. With this program, the clients do not have to worry about making payments every month; the payment will be made automatically on time through electronic transfer. 

Reasons to Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

Even though people may believe that the own an affordable auto insurance policy, it doesn’t hurt to compare quotes from other auto insurance companies. It’s possible that they could find a company offering rates even lower than the ones they are currently paying. 

If they are unhappy in any way with the service they are receiving from their current company or they need a product that their current companies cannot provide, obtaining quotes from other auto insurance companies may benefit them. They could possibly find better coverage for an affordable price.

To find the right coverage for a great rate for FREE, enter your ZIP code in our car insurance comparison tool.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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