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Affirmative Auto Insurance Review

Affirmative Auto Insurance could be the best auto insurance company for you. Find car insurance quotes for free with our quote comparison tool. There are several factors to consider as you look at auto insurance companies.

You want to look at the company as a whole and not just the numbers they present to you on paper. While knowing rates, premiums, discounts, and deductibles are important, there are other points about auto insurance comparison that you need to know. Affirmative-Auto-Insurance-Review

Affirmative Auto Insurance

Based in Shelby, Ohio, Affirmative Auto Insurance offers drivers affordable rates and coverage for their vehicles. This company operates in 11 states around the country through numerous independent offices and agents.

The company specializes in covering drivers who may have a hard time finding affordable auto insurance coverage. These drivers are often referred to as “non-standard” drivers due to various circumstances, and need different types of auto insurance.

Non-standard drivers are classified as such because they pose a risk and so many insurance companies tend to shy away from providing them coverage.

Non-standard drivers, if they do find coverage, are often forced to pay higher rates and deductibles than other drivers.

You may be considered a non-standard driver if:

  • You have a DUI.
  • You are a teenager.
  • You are a first time driver.
  • You have a history of automotive accidents.
  • You have a car that is not considered factory approved. Affirmative-Auto-Insurance-High-Risk-Drivers

Affirmative Auto Insurance specializes in providing coverage to non-standard drivers.

They provide insurance at rates that are more affordable than what other insurance companies may offer.

While this may be great news for risky drivers who need insurance, you must also consider other factors before signing on the dotted line.

Affirmative Auto Insurance Coverage

Affirmative Auto Insurance focuses more on the individual than the ability to group customers into categories. This helps to keep rates down across the board. The company offers two coverage types.

Full coverage means that the customer will be able to get compensation for all losses experienced. This means that if you are in an accident that is not your fault, Affirmative Auto Insurance will cover the physical damage done to your car.

Liability insurance will cost much less but only cover losses accumulated by the other party involved in the accident. You are responsible for repairing any damage done to your vehicle.

Affirmative Auto Insurance Discounts

Comparing automotive insurance means that you must look at all aspects of what that company offers. While the cost of their coverage is important you will also want to take a look at what discounts, if any, the company offers.

These auto insurance discounts can go a long way in reducing the amount that you pay monthly. Affirmative Auto Insurance offers some discounts for their clients.

You may qualify for a discount at Affirmative Auto Insurance if:

  • You are a student that maintains good grades.
  • Take on a multi-car insurance policy
  • Completed a mature driver’s course

Affirmative Auto Insurance does not offer a discount for:

  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Group plans
  • Keeping low mileage
  • Taking additional driver’s training courses
  • Carpooling
  • Passive restraints
  • Having airbags present in the vehicle
  • Taking steps to prevent theft

Compared with other insurance companies it seems that Affirmative Auto Insurance is not too concerned about offering discounts. This could just be the result of the company’s focus on providing lower rates for drivers considered high risk.

Is Affirmative Auto Insurance Right for You? Affirmative-Auto-Insurance-Questions

Finding a car insurance company that suits your needs is no easy task, especially if you have been categorized as a non-standard driver.

While you may feel that your options are limited and you are going to have to break the bank just afford coverage remember that there are several other options out there.

Affirmative Auto Insurance specializes in non-standard drivers, and they understand how hard it is for these drivers to find affordable coverage at a quality level.

Remember that is important to adequately compare companies before you settle on the first insurance company that offers you coverage.

Comparing insurance companies against one another is the best way to find proper coverage at an affordable price.

You can use our free zip code search to compare quotes from a number of car insurance companies.

As you shop around keep this following questions in mind:

  • How long as the company been in business?
  • Are there any lawsuits or disputes connected to how the insurance company handles policies?
  • Does the company have a reliable history in providing automotive insurance?
  • Are they respected in the insurance field?
  • What is the average response time if you have an accident?
  • What are their payment policies?
  • Do they offer special discounts?

Knowing more about the company will go a long way in helping you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right auto insurance.

The best way to compare insurance companies is to use our free quote comparison tool. This will allow you to compare quotes from numerous companies without ever having to leave your home. Try it today!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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