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TD Auto Insurance Review

TD-Auto-Insurance-ReviewTD Auto Insurance is one of fastest growing and most reliable auto insurance companies available to prospective buyers. Compare auto insurance quotes today for free with our zip code search and see how much you save!

TD Auto Insurance specifically offers vast coverage at affordable auto insurance rates.

So what exactly does TD have to offer in terms of auto insurance? It is easiest to examine the major pros and cons of TD Auto Insurance through multiple categories, such as its types of auto insurance, eligibility/ restrictions, various discounts and offers, as well as policy options and customer support.

TD Auto Insurance is the biggest direct-response auto insurance group in Canada, and ranks among the county’s best auto insurance groups. It has a lot to offer, and strong credentials that support its extensive success. Find affordable auto insurance with our free quote comparison tool.

TD Auto Insurance Eligibility and Restrictions

There are several eligibility requirements and restrictions in order to qualify for TD Auto Insurance. Fortunately these qualifications are not outlandish or inconvenient. You do not have to be too concerned with them, and can find out whether you are eligible immediately via an online quote or by telephone.

The following are the specific eligibility requirements of TD Auto Insurance:

  1. Past Losses or Convictions – Eligibility can be affected by past accidents. The availability of car insurance varies depending on whether you are trying to renew a policy or create a new one. Eligibility also depends on the dates and types of convictions.
  2. Licensing – A valid license is necessary to open an auto insurance policy.
  3. Legal Issues – Eligibility will not be likely for those involved in auto insurance fraud, those who do not fully disclose all required info, and those who do not pay the insurance premiums.

These eligibility requirements and restrictions are fairly common throughout all auto insurance companies.

TD Auto Insurance Coverage

TD Auto Insurance covers all of Canada. However, specific coverage may vary depending on location. Nevertheless, the TD website offers a simple way to discover coverage availability. Simply click your location on their animated map!TD-Auto-Insurance-Coverage

TD Auto Insurance Policy Options and Discounts

TD Auto Insurance is distinguished for its many options and auto insurance discounts. These apply to various types of drivers, and allow all to get the most out of their insurance policies. Find what you would pay for TD Auto Insurance and others with our free car insurance quote comparison!

The 10 following discounts put TD Auto Insurance above and beyond many other options.TD-Auto-Insurance-Discounts

  1. The Multiple Vehicle Discount – This is a premium discount for those who have multiple vehicles in their policy.
  2. Occasional Driver Discount – Why pay more when you drive less? This discount allows for lower premiums for occasional drivers.
  3. The Multi-Product Discount – You can pay less if you decide to use TD for both home and auto insurance.
  4. The More Vehicle than Drivers Discount – Pay a lower premium if your policy involves more cars than registered drivers.
  5. Retiree Discount (available to Ontario drivers only) – Pay a lower premium if you are over 65 years of age or retired.
  6. Accident Free Discount – Are you a very cautious driver with a clean record? With TD Auto Insurance you can pay less for driving safely.
  7. The Hybrid Vehicle Discount – Pay less if you go green! Any Hybrid vehicle recognized by the VICC can help a driver save on auto insurance.
  8. The Anti-Theft Discount – If your car has a certified anti-theft system you can qualify for an insurance discount. Risk is everything with insurance companies. By protecting your vehicle from theft, you can also save on auto insurance.
  9. The No Conviction Discount – If you have not been convicted for a certain amount of time you can save on auto insurance!
  10. The First Chance Discount (Available for drivers in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI) – Are you a new driver with a clean driving record? If so, you may qualify for this discount. Pay less for being a safe, new driver.

These discounts only add to TD’s high position in the auto insurance industry, as any auto insurance comparison can show. Its customer support system is unrivaled, and it is very reliable.

TD’s website offers numerous ways to become an informed customer and discover the countless options available. TD Auto Insurance covers all types of drivers, and truly provides unique policies for unique drivers. Compare auto insurance quotes for free right now with our quote comparison tool!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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