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Safe Auto Auto Insurance Review

Safe-Auto-Car-Insurance-ReviewEveryone is looking to save money in their budgets wherever they can. Is Safe Auto Insurance the right car insurance company for you? One of the leading costs that most people will try to trim is their monthly auto insurance premium.

That’s because the costs that auto insurance companies charge to insure a vehicle just keeps rising, even as the economy stagnates and Americans’ wallets get a bit thinner. Try our free car insurance quotes comparison tool today!

One of the best ways to go about finding affordable auto insurance is to consider Safe Auto Insurance as an alternative to your current insurance company.

While any company, including Safe Auto, will look for unique ways to save you money and offer you auto insurance discounts on your premium, no other company goes to such great lengths when considering just how much coverage you need, and giving you only what you require to be legally covered and safe from harm.

Providing Minimum Coverage for Less

Safe Auto currently offers some of the best auto insurance at great rates in sixteen states: Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tenessee, Texas, and Virgnia.

Because it only operates in a handful of states, Safe Auto is able to uniquely analyze the state requirements that apply to you, and offer a unique plan for each state that provides the bare-minimum coverage at the cheapest state auto insurance rates in the industry.

This differs greatly from nationwide providers who use a “general guideline” when providing minimum coverage levels. For many states, the minimums offered by national insurance brands are actually over the required level of coverage that its motorists must obtain.

That means they chronically overcharge motorists for coverage they certainly aren’t required to have, may not need, and may not be able to afford at all.

Minimum Coverage Supplemented by Comprehensive Options

Of course, Safe Auto doesn’t just offer minimum coverage to its customers. The company also provides a wide and typical array of various types of auto insurance, including comprehensive coverage options that include full collision and medical coverage.

If you compare auto insurance carefully, you can see even these services are offered at a deeper discount than national insurance brands, helped along by Safe Auto’s careful cost management and fair evaluation of each driver’s risk.

And, because they operate in only a handful of states, they are able to pass along far reduced operating and overhead costs to their customers. Even if you aren’t in the market for bare minimum auto insurance coverage, Safe Auto is worth looking into for the significant amount of savings it can offer on traditional coverage options.Safe-Auto-Car-Insurance-Info

Customer Service and Agents

National insurance companies employ a strong customer service operation as well as a vast network of agents that serve each community in their coverage area. These agents are often driven by the promise of commission; this means that each sale is important to their own bottom line.

They’ll try their hardest to boost your coverage amounts and rates if it means they get a higher paycheck.

Safe Auto employs no such network. Instead, it offers a 24-hour customer service hotline that caters to all questions — from sales to incidents, claims to policy adjustments.

Their customer service center is centralized and serves all sixteen states; best of all, Safe Auto doesn’t outsource their customer service to foreign countries in an effort to save money and boost corporate profits.

Each call to Safe Auto is handled by an expert in the field of automobile insurance, and that expert is based in the company’s Ohio headquarters. This not only makes Safe Auto, as a company, easy to approach, but it also makes sure that a customer’s needs and wants are clearly communicated and understood by the person on the other end of the line.

This top-of-the-line, America-based customer service, not only earns high marks from customers, but also saves the company money and allows it to offer industry-leading low rates on car insurance coverage.

Additionally, because there is no agent or commission structure involved, Safe Auto representatives are more knowledgable and honest about the products they’re selling. That decreases the chances that a customer will “over-insure” their vehicle or be scared into purchasing products and services that they don’t require.

Additional Ways to Save

When choosing between insurance companies, even the lowest-rate providers like Safe Auto, it’s important to remember that it isn’t entirely the company’s low-cost approach that can save you a large percentage on your auto insurance coverage.

Every insurance company — Safe Auto included — offers discounts for things like safe driving and for having taken a “defensive driving” course within the last three or five years.

They also reward customers who have at least one anti-theft device in their vehicle, and they offer special discounted rates to students. Remember to always communicate all aspects of your unique situation with any insurance company in an effort to lower your premium even further.

Safe-Auto-Car-Insurance-DiscountsThe Importance of Comparison Shopping

Safe Auto claims to offer cheap auto insurance rates in each of the sixteen states where it offers coverage, but those claims shouldn’t be taken at face value with an appropriate comparison shopping experience.

Be sure to try our auto insurance comparison of all of the providers in your state using our free online comparison tool to help you make your final decision.

It may well be that Safe Auto beats all of the national competitors by a significant amount — in fact, that’s the most likely outcome.

But it never hurts to double-check and make sure that the lowest-cost insurance provider really is providing you with the lowest insurance premium statewide.

Try our simple zip code search to find the best auto insurance quote available!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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