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First Financial Auto Insurance Review

First Financial Auto Insurance LogoFounded in 1992 to provide health and life insurance to Michigan residents, the First Financial Insurance Group has since expanded across the state and into Ohio as well. At its initial outset, First Financial set out to be a more broad-based insurance provider, offering online insurance policies to people in a variety of fields and across demographics. However, today the company does not offer insurance to just anyone. Instead, it offers life and health insurance policies to senior citizens.

It goes without saying that First Financial does not provide anyone with affordable auto insurance. It is a highly focused company, giving life insurance, long-term care insurance, medical insurance and annuities, a form of privatized pension, to seniors across Michigan and Ohio.

If you’re interested in auto insurance discounts in these states or any others, you should compare auto insurance rates and policy options today! All you need to use our free online tool are your zip code and other information, and we can help you save on your next insurance policy.

Best Products

First Financial, while it may not be considered in the same category as auto insurance companies, offers a variety of specialized plans to assist individuals and groups in the senior citizen demographic. For instance, some of the most popular products offered by First Financial include:

  • Standard Life Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance Plans
  • Major Medical Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Final Expense Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care Coverage
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance
  • Youth Life Protector Insurance

You can choose any one of these individual policies, or you can bundle policies together for a full, comprehensive senior-citizen-specific life insurance policy. Most of the First Financial options are pretty cut-and-dry, but some are specialized and may need some explanation.

Final Expense Life Insurance

If you have been denied a standard life insurance policy because of existing conditions such as advanced age or deteriorating health, you can still receive protection against your death. While final expense insurance does not pay for medical bills, it will ensure that your family remains unburdened by your funeral or other final expenses.

Youth Protector Life Insurance First Financial Auto Insurance Hybrid

While we generally don’t think about young people being at risk of dying, it does occasionally happen. The last thing a family mourning a child needs is to worry about how to pay for funeral expenses. Youth life protector insurance policies are typically small monthly payments to hedge against terrible events like a child’s death. First Financial offers youth protector insurance for families of children up to 18 years of age.

Cancer Insurance Details

As one of the leading killers of senior citizens in the United States, a cancer diagnosis can be extremely expensive for a family already struggling with bills. Senior citizens or those about to be senior citizens can choose one of two specialized cancer plans in addition to a standard life insurance policy. There are two main types of cancer insurance plan:

  • First Occurrence
  • Indemnity

First occurrence plans pay a large lump sum amount if the policy holder is diagnosed with cancer. As much as $25,000 may be received in the event of a cancer diagnosis. The policy holder may then use that money for whatever they like, though the idea is that they will use it to pay for cancer treatments.

Indemnity plans pay by the medical procedure if you are diagnosed with cancer. Individuals undertaking certain procedures are given certain pre-determined amounts. Indemnity expenses are varied, but they include:

First Financial Auto Insurance SUV

  • Inpatient/Outpatient Care
  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Chemotherapy Procedures
  • Radiation Treatments
  • Intensive Care
  • Initial Occurrence

Other optional benefits may be purchased as part of a comprehensive cancer insurance plan. First Financial’s cancer coverage compares very favorably to other health insurance companies.

Basic Review of First Financial Health Insurance

A First Financial Insurance health policy can cover extensive expenses depending on the plan you receive. Some of the elements you can receive, in addition to basic medical treatment and funeral expenses, include:

  • Payoffs for Debt
  • College Tuition for Children/Grandchildren
  • Lost Wages

The two types of life insurance provided by First Financial are term and whole life. Term insurance policies only pay for funeral expenses, while whole policies provide a cash payout to help pay for end-of-life medical expenses.

Looking for First Financial Auto Insurance?

You may not find auto insurance with the First Financial Insurance Group. However, you should still check out our free comparison tool today! There are plenty of insurance providers in your state ready to offer you good deals. We have a comprehensive database of all the insurance providers in your area, along with their rates and policy details. All you have to do is enter your zip code and begin to save money.

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