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Hastings Mutual Auto Insurance Review

The Founding of Hastings Mutual

Hastings Mutual Car Insurance CompanyHastings Mutual started as a small insurance company, specializing in tornado and cyclone insurance, in 1885. In fact, it started as the Michigan Mutual Tornado, Cyclone and Windstorm Insurance Company. It was started by David Webster Rogers (D.W. Rogers), a local farmer. It enjoyed spectacular growth and in 1959, “the Windstorm Company” re-organized into a general mutual and is known simply as the Hastings Mutual Insurance Company.

The company now provides personal car insurance in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa through more than 900 agencies. Receive and compare multiple car insurance quotes for FREE by entering your ZIP code in our car insurance quote comparison tool.

What Makes Hastings Mutual Different?

Over the years, the company has been committed to technological advances and has introduced innovative products. In fact, it has been awarded three Innovation and Performance Awards and has been recognized as a top leader in the field of information technology.

Hasting Mutual has also been acknowledged as one of the year’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in West Michigan by the MBPA (the Michigan Business and Professional Association).

Hastings Mutual Insurance Products

Hastings Mutual offers the basic types of car insurance products like:

  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Collision protection
  • Liability insurance
  • Uninsured / under-insured motorist protection

It also offers various special and different products that are generally not found in other insurance companies. It offers GAP coverage; this protects against the vehicles’ depreciation. It also has a product known as the Multi-Protection Guard coverage, or MPG. This plan protects many incidents that are not covered under other standard policies, such as:

  • Travel interruption
  • GPS theft
  • Auto loans or lease
  • Pet injuries and death
  • New car replacement programs.

One can also get a no-claims discount for up to 65% and the use of a free courtesy car in the event of one’s own car being in the workshop after an accident. 

Hastings Mutual Auto Insurance has been rated “A+”, which is excellent, by the A.M. Best insurance rating company. This rating is based on the years a business has been in operation, its financial assets and a host of other factors. See what other car insurance companies have an “A+” rating in our car insurance reviews page.

Comparing Car Insurance Quotes

Car in Shopping CartCar owners are required by law to have car insurance, and it is the ideal way of avoiding the risk of having to pay huge amounts of money in case there is an accident. Since car insurance tends to be expensive, most people look for ways to minimize the cost of premiums. Many people compare car insurance policies and costs before signing up with any particular insurance company and save one large amounts of money. Find out which company has the cheapest car insurance rates by entering your ZIP code in our car insurance comparison tool.

There are hundreds of insurance companies providing car insurance policies and contacting even a handful of them to see what they have to offer can be a time consuming and tedious process. It also means having to deal with pushy agents. Online comparisons are fast, efficient and convenient. Most online comparison tools only require one to fill out a single form with basic information, and then they can get quotes for the same type of policy from several different insurance companies with a single click. 

One has to be careful while getting insurance online to make sure that the companies they are dealing with are financially sound, established and have good reputations. Insurance scams can be costly, not to mention leave one stranded in the time of need.

What to Look for When Comparing Prices

One always needs to keep in mind that one can get different quotes from different providers due to the benefits they offer in their policy. For example, one company may give a lower quote simply because they provide less coverage. Also make certain that the price quoted will last for the full twelve months and will not go up after the initial month or two. 

Another important consideration one needs to be certain of is that the level of collision and liability coverage is sufficient for one’s needs taking the financial resources into account. For example, if one does not use their car to get to work then they have no urgent need for benefits like complimentary car rental during the time a car is being repaired. 

Remember to only opt for a policy that really provides what one needs and as opposed to going for something that is appealing but will never be used. Find affordable insurance for FREE by entering your ZIP code in our car insurance comparison tool.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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