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MIC General Auto Insurance Review

It might be difficult for people to find information on MIC General Auto Insurance because this company falls under the GMAC auto insurance umbrella. GMAC is affiliated with the Integron Insurance Group, and it does not appear to have a permanent address.

MIC General Auto Insurance Logo

Before it is a wise decision to purchase a policy online, people like to know the physical address of the company and the telephone number. They need to know how they can contact a live person when they need to.

The Phone Numbers

MIC General Auto Insurance does not have a permanent address listed anywhere; rather, there is a P.O. Box located in St. Louis, Missouri. The P.O. Box address for GMAC is located in Winston Salem.

There is also an issue with the telephone number; those who purchased their online auto insurance on the website have one phone number, while those who purchased their cheap auto insurance by phone have another phone number.  Try our FREE quote comparison tool on our website for FREE by simply entering your ZIP!!

The History

MIC General Auto Insurance is a company that has been in business for a very long time. It first began to sell insurance in 1925, making it a long-lasting insurance company that has been selling auto insurance to the public since 1973.

Although MIC General Auto Insurance has been able to persevere through the depression and be able to expand to personal auto insurance products in 1973, it has had a little financial trouble recently.

A Downgraded Credit Rating

The credit rating that MIC General Auto Insurance has received from A.M. Best is very high, A-. The agency just recently downgraded this insurance company, meaning that its financial stability is not as secure as it was.  A- is still within A.M. Best’s secure ratings, and it is an “Excellent” rating, so even though it has been downgraded, it is still a company that can be considered financially secure.

Types of CoverageMIC General Auto Insurance Black Truck

The coverage that MIC General Auto Insurance offers covers a wide range of products, including:

  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Auto Insurance for driving in Mexico
  • Auto Insurance for specialty vehicles

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance from MIC General Auto Insurance is for businesses that transport clients from one place to another in various types of vehicles. These several types of vehicles may be:

  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • Tour Buses
  • Charter Buses
  • Or an entire fleet of vehicles

Because MIC General Auto Insurance is affiliated with GMAC, MIC General policy holders can join the GMAC Motor Club that will give them other advantages they could not receive otherwise.

Auto Insurance for Mexico

MIC General Auto Insurance also sells insurance for people who frequently cross the Mexican border as well as the Canadian border. An auto insurance policy purchased in the United States does not follow the policy holders to Mexico and Canada, so MIC General Auto Insurance has policies for people in the border states who are traveling for business; they can also insure people for the times they will travel outside of the country for pleasure.

Auto Insurance for Specialty Vehicles

People who own specialty vehicles that they are not driving on a regular basis can receive affordable auto insurance for these cars. The types of vehicles that may be insured with this type of policy are:

  • High performance vehicles
  • Exotic cars
  • Luxury vehicles
  • Antique cars

Educating the Clients

Obtaining several discounts is easy with MIC General Auto Insurance because this company goes out of its way to find the ways in which their clients can qualify for discounts. It does not wait for the clients to ask them for the discount; with their Education Center, MIC General informs its clients of all the ways they can save on their policies.

MIC General also offers homeowner’s insurance. If people purchase a homeowner’s insurance policy with the company, they will receive a multi-policy discount.

Keeping their Clients

MIC General Auto Insurance Highway The unique thing about MIC General Auto Insurance is that it wants to have customers for life. Everyone at MIC General knows that people can obtain several free quotes from auto insurance companies all over the country, so they work very hard to maintain their current clients.

They pay particular attention to how their representatives are treating their policy holders, and good customer service is one of the most important reasons that people give their insurance companies high ratings.  Start saving BIG today by taking advantage of our FREE quote comparison tool!!

Compare Quotes Now

Before deciding on MIC General Auto Insurance, drivers may seek several quotes from the many auto insurance companies that sell the type of coverage that they need. MIC General Auto Insurance will work very hard to retain the people who purchase their insurance, but people may find an even more advantageous policy for a better price from another company. It’s so easy to do online, and they have the opportunity to do this from this very website.

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