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5 Insurance Providers that Provide High Risk Auto Insurance

Insurance Providers that Provide High Risk Auto InsuranceHigh risk drivers need insurance just like anyone else; they just have to search harder to find it. While high risk insurance generally costs a lot more, you might be able to find better rates when you search out an auto insurance company that specializes in providing high risk car insurance.

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There are many companies that offer high risk insurance. Make sure that you get your insurance from a provider that has high financial and customer service ratings.

High Risk Drivers

There are many drivers who would fit the definition of a high risk driver. Any driver who Providers that Provide High Risk Auto Insuranceis more likely to have a claim due to an accident will be placed in a high risk category. Young, inexperienced drivers are generally considered to be high risk, as they are involved in the highest amount of accidents. Very old drivers are also usually placed in a high risk category for the same reasons.

Those drivers with a combination of accidents and tickets are also labeled high risk drivers, as their poor driving choices will likely lead to further accidents. Furthermore, drivers with serious violations and offenses, such as DUIs or DWIs, have the highest risk of all.

Some high risk drivers may have court orders to provide SR-22 proof of insurance to have their licenses reinstated; this is generally a requirement for those convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol, or those who have be caught driving without insurance. SR-22 is documentation that ensures that such a driver maintains insurance coverage while he or she is driving.

that Provide High Risk Auto InsuranceBasically, if you require SR-22 documentation, then your insurance provider must notify your state’s department of motor vehicles (DMV) if you ever drop your coverage. If you do cancel your policy, your state’s DMV will revoke your license. Because of the connection with high risk drivers and SR-22s, many refer to high risk insurance as SR-22 insurance, though not all high risk drivers require SR-22 documentation.

If you are a high risk driver, then your car insurance rates will likely be higher than average. However, you can still find affordable rates by shopping around and getting quotes from as many different providers as possible. Every car insurance expert in the industry advises that every driver should compare quotes to get the best coverage at the most affordable price.

#1: The General

The General Automobile Insurance Services, Inc., known as The General, specializes in high risk insurance and SR-22 filing. They have been in business since 1963, and they offer high risk insurance in just about every state.

The company advertises extensively on television and on the Internet, utilizing a cartoon Army General and other commercials to attract customers.

The General refers to high risk insurance as “non-standard” car insurance, and they offer such coverage to those drivers who:

  • Have been convicted of a DUI or other offense that revoked or suspended driving privileges
  • Require SR-22 documentation to reinstate a revoked license
  • Are over the age of 70
  • Are under the age of 20
  • Have many accidents or tickets
  • Have lapses of car insurance coverage

The General offers many options for helping to make your car insurance affordable. They have an array of payment plans, and they offer discount points for good driving history over time. The company also specializes in SR-22 requirements for those convicted of a 5 Insurance Providers that High Risk Auto InsuranceDUI or DWI, allowing such drivers to find coverage.

A.M. Best, a financial ratings organization designated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, rated the Permanent General Assurance Corporation, or The General, at an A- in late 2011. This rating denotes that The General has an excellent financial standing, allowing the company to continue to uphold its financial obligations as an insurance provider. Adding that strong fiscal rating to almost 50 years in the insurance business, The General is a solid company that will offer experience and expertise to your driving situation.

#2: Titan Insurance

Titan Insurance is a division of Nationwide Insurance Company, and they specialize in coverage for high risk drivers in most states.

Titan advertises rates as low as $1 a day coupled with excellent customer service.

They offer insurance for both personal auto coverage and commercial drivers.

Titan offers car insurance coverage for high risk drivers who:

  • Require SR-22 documentation, such as from a DUI or DWI conviction
  • Have more than 6 points on a license (a standard speeding ticket is worth about 2 points)
  • Have been in an accident without insurance coverage
  • Have had a lapse in insurance coverage

Nationwide, the parent company of Titan Insurance, has strong financial ratings and over 80 years in the insurance industry. Standard and Poor’s, another ratings organization, rated Nationwide at an A+ for financial strength and a credit rating as of July 2011. According to Standard and Poor’s, Nationwide has a strong ability to meet its financial obligations as an insurance company.

Furthermore, the subsidiaries of Titan, such as Titan Indemnity Company and Titan Insurance Company, are all highly rated by A.M. Best. Ratings vary from A- to A+, showing that Titan Insurance will be there for you if you ever have a claim to file.

#3: Serenity Insurance

Provide High Risk Auto InsuranceSerenity Insurance is a division of Serenity Group, Inc., operating out of Washington State, and specializes in high risk auto insurance coverage. They provide SR-22 documentation in 47 states. The company advertises low rates for high risk insurance, as well as great rates for preferred customers.

The Better Business Bureau, a customer service ratings organization, rates the Serenity Group as an A+, the highest rating offered by the BBB. In the last 12 months, Serenity Group resolved three out of three complaints lodged with the Better Business Bureau.

The company labels itself “the SR-22 Specialists”, and they provide a DUI Survival Guide on their website. If you have SR-22 requirements or other high risk car insurance needs, then Serenity Insurance is one company to get a quote from for coverage.

#4: Progressive

Progressive Auto Insurance is one of the biggest car insurance providers in the U.S. According to the 2011 Market Share Data provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Progressive was the fourth largest private car insurance provider and the third largest provider of commercial car insurance in the U.S. in 2011. They were the eighth largest insurance company overall in 2011.

Progressive advertises online and on television extensively with cashier character Flo expounding Progressive’s ability to allow drivers to customize their coverage and save money when they switch. As a major provider of private and commercial car insurance, Progressive has an interactive website with a lot of functionality and coverage in all 50 states.

Progressive offers high risk car insurance and SR-22 documentation, though they do not promise any special low rates for high risk coverage.

They are quite upfront with their assertions that high risk insurance will cost more, and that they charge such drivers rates that are associated with the risk involved.

#5: Allstate

DUI-convicted drivers are not the only high risk drivers who need to find affordable coverage. Teen drivers are another group that traditionally has high car insurance costs. Depending upon the company, high risk driving rates for young drivers can continue up to the age of 25, with the drivers being guilty of nothing other than being young.

5 Providers that Provide High Risk Auto InsuranceThe company is probably one of the best-known providers. They advertise extensively on television, in print media and on the Internet; they utilize spokesmen in serious ads and the “Mayhem” character in humorous commercials to appeal to a younger crowd. Allstate is a large insurance provider that offers a wide range of insurance and financial products.

According to the 2011 Market Share data from the NAIC, Allstate was the second largest provider of private car insurance in the U.S. and the fourth largest insurer overall.

While Allstate makes no special mention of high risk coverage for DUI drivers and the like, they do offer a specific program just for teen drivers.

The program includes discounts, information, and games geared towards helping parents and teens to promote safe driving habits and low rates. Discounts include good student discounts, multi-vehicle discounts, safety de5 Insurance that Provide High Risk Auto Insurancevice discounts, anti-theft discounts, and discounts for taking defensive driving courses. They also strive to create advertising and other media geared towards teens to impart the importance of safe driving.

With a long time in business, strong financial ratings all around, coverage offered in all 50 states, and a focus on providing a strong introduction to driving for teens, Allstate should be at the top of your list to get a quote. If teen drivers can avoid the pitfalls of inexperienced driving, such as distracted driving or reckless driving, then their car insurance rates will fall quickly.

Compare Quotes

Finding car insurance at an affordable rate is important for any driver, but high risk drivers will have the hardest time finding rates that could be considered low. As with any search for car insurance, the key to finding the best rate is to compare many quotes from as many providers as possible.5 Insurance Providers Provide High Risk Auto Insurance

Make sure that you always compare the same amount of coverage with each quote that you get. Then you can compare your quotes side-by-side to see which company has the most affordable rates. Remember that not all car insurance companies provide SR-22 insurance, so make sure that you are clear about your SR-22 requirements while you are filling out applications.

Finally, the best way to get out of a high risk category is to keep your driving record clean. Once all your negative items are off of your driving record, you can go back to enjoying the lowest rates available!

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