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Best Car Insurance Company for Teenage Drivers

Person giving somone car keysTeenagers love the freedom that comes with a driver’s license and a car. However, for parents or guardians of the new driver, it is a very stressful time. The basic reason is that the section of the brain responsible for making judgment calls and controlling impulsive behavior is not sufficiently mature until about 25 years of age, according to experts.This can lead to a lot of car insurance claims.

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Handing the car keys to a young driver brings with it certain risks that parents and guardians must take. One way to ensure the safety of the teen driver and others on the road is to make certain that they have the best auto insurance. The rush teens feel when given the power of the wheel, combined with their immature brains, causes them to take risks, which is why insuring young drivers is expensive.

It is a documented fact that a greater number of young people between the ages of 15 and 20 years of age die in car crashes than any other cause. This is why many insurance companies think of drivers under the age of 25 years a bigger than average risk when it comes to auto related accidents, and the insurance rates are 50 to 100 percent more.

Tips for Finding Cheap Teen InsuranceFitness money

There are several ways to get car insurance discounts rates for teen drivers. One way to offset the risk is for the adults to set a good example by practicing good driving habits. Another good way to reduce premiums for teens is to shop around, compare car insurance rates and find an insurance company that specializes in insurance for young drivers. Young drivers can ensure they get cheap car insurance:

  • Keeping a clean driving record – A single DWI conviction can potentially take the base annual rates of a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for a minimum of three years.
  • Try to earn brownie points – Several companies give discounts for maintaining a 3.0 grade point average or taking accredited safe driving courses. The National Safety Council or the insurance agent can provide more information and if the chosen insurer gives this discount or not.
  • Get Involved in the community – Joining Eagle Scouts or Girl Scouts earns discounts on young drivers’ insurance premiums. Some companies are willing to reward teens spending time bettering the community by offering discounts on their auto insurance.
  • Drive a safe car – The newer models of cars with safety features like air bags and anti-lock brakes are cheaper to insure because they are safer to drive. Sports cars, cars with alterations, expensive cars and SUVs are more risky so they are more expensive to insure.
  • Equip the car with safety features – Safety features like traction control, automatic seat belts and side impact air bags help to keep the teen safe and reduce insurance costs.

Why Some Auto Insurance Companies are Cheaper

Some auto insurance companies can offer the same policy for a cheaper price. In order to find these companies, one has to shop around. The best way to do so is to go online and compare quotes from numerous companies to locate the one that is the cheapest.It is not uncommon to hear that one driver got a good rate from one company, only to find the same was not true for a second driver.

This is because several factors impact the rate of insurance. Gender, driving record, type of coverage, location and more than three years of driving experience are some of the factors that impact the cost of auto insurance.

The very new drivers with less than three years driving experience may not be eligible for the 20 percent good driver discount. Three years of driving experience is considered to be the turning point in getting the “good driver” discount. Some companies will give this discount at age nineteen because they start with sixteen when calculating driving experience.

Other ways to ensure that you get affordable car insurance are to make sure the commute to school is short, and maintain continuous insurance coverage for the previous thirty days. Have monthly payments deducted automatically from an account to minimize billing fees, or pay up front for three months, six months or the full year. Having higher deductibles also helps to lowers premiums, but make sure the amount can be paid in case of an accident.

Practice Safe DrivingCar Accident Smashed Front

The type of a driving record someone has is one of the first things an insurance company will take into consideration when calculating premiums and it has a significant impact on the cost of insurance. Establishing a good driving record requires time and effort. Some of the things young drivers can do to make sure they maintain good, clean driving records include:

  • 1. Keep car passengers to a minimum – the risk of a car crashing is three to five times greater when there are multiple passengers in a car compared to driving alone. This, in part, is responsible for the high teen insurance rates. 
  • 2. Drive slowly – Over 90 percent of the young drivers admit that they speed, and it is one of the foremost causes of crashes among young drivers.
  • 3. Use seatbelts & don’t use cellphones – approximately two-thirds of teen car wreck deaths are a result of not wearing seatbelts. Texting and talking on the cellphone is the other major cause that distracts young drivers and leads to accidents.
  • 4. Know when not to drive – 20 of teen drivers are killed when driving under the influence of alcohol; there is nothing to prove, just be sensible and do not drive until the head clears.

Besides helping to build a clean driving record, all these safety tips help to keep the teen driver and others on the road safe. The final benefit is that one is able to save significant amounts in their insurance premiums.

Nationwide, the Best Insurance Company for Teen Drivers

There are many good insurance companies that provide many discounts for young drivers, but Nationwide is one of the best. They provide their less experienced drivers with many different incentives to help them keep their premium costs at the lowest possible.

  • Accident forgiveness: Even the most cautious and experienced drivers can have accidents. The best insurance for younger drivers is one that will keep costs down if an accident occurs. Nationwide’s Accident Forgiveness does not raise rates after the first at-fault accident. This can mean major savings for a new driver.
  • SmartRide: In collaboration with the National Safety Council, Nationwide has constructed an online tool that aids teens in becoming better drivers. The tool helps younger drivers in dealing with distractions, driving safely at night or in bad weather conditions and deal with peer pressure.

Nationwide offers various coverage options, so the young drivers have the maximum protection. Collision cover helps to pay for one’s own vehicle if it hits, (or is hit by) another vehicle, while uninsured or underinsured insurance takes care of the covered repairs to one’s own vehicle in case it is damaged in an accident by someone who is not insured, underinsured or the driver cannot be identified.

Rental car reimbursement pays for transportation by bus or subway if the insured car is in the workshop for repairs in an at-fault accident.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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