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Aegis Auto Insurance Review

Aegis-Auto-Insurance-ReviewAegis Insurance Markets was founded to provide automobile insurance specifically for contractors’ fleets.

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Automobile insurance coverage is required in every state in the United States.

Most states require that you have a minimum amount of liability coverage from available auto insurance companies that will cover the other driver and car if you were to have an accident.

For newer cars, it is a good idea to get both liability and comprehensive insurance coverage, the most common types of auto insurance.

This package of insurance options will cover you and your vehicle as well as the other driver and his/her vehicle. Aegis Insurance Markets was founded in 1999 and provides affordable auto insurance to businesses in need.

Aegis Auto Insurance Commercial Focus

As a commercial insurance agency, Aegis specializes in insurance for contractors, professionals, business owners and commercial property. Aegis is located in California and is proud to serve Arizona, California, Nevada and Oregon.

They provide some of the best auto insurance for your business needs and always put the customer first. Aegis is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and is a Professional Insurance Agent.

All of the agents working at Aegis are licensed and experienced in business insurance. Aegis has customer service representatives and agents available from 8:30am to 5:00pm PST Monday through Friday to answer any questions you have. In addition, you can send Aegis an email and a representative will promptly answer your question.

Aegis will work speedily to expedite your application and present you with an insurance quote, usually the next business day. At times you may have to wait a few days if the quote needs to be sent directly to an agent.

Aegis Auto Insurance Service and Rates

Once you are insured with Aegis insurance, you are going to be inundated with top of the line customer service. The professional agents will work for you and your needs.

The customer service is excellent and you are never considered just another customer. Aegis really makes you feel good about choosing them for your business insurance needs.

Regardless of which state you reside in, the agents at Aegis are knowledgeable about the minimum liability automobile insurance coverage required in your state and the typical state auto insurance rates.

The agents actually take the time to explain what the minimum coverage is and will suggest how much coverage they believe would be proper to cover you and your business.

They don’t sound like they are trying to sell you something. The agents aren’t pushy. They are trying to help you make the most informed decision related to your business auto insurance.

Liability Insurance

If you live in one of the states that Aegis Auto Insurance serves, you will need liability auto insurance on your fleet of vehicles, at minimum. Each state has similar minimum coverage requirements.

Because the cost of hospital stays and emergency room care are increasing almost daily, these coverage limits most certainly will not meet the cost of someone you were in an accident with.Aegis-Auto-Insurance-Liability

In addition, many people have become “sue happy” in this country.

Combine these two things together, and you may find yourself in a lawsuit that your insurance doesn’t pay for.

This may be the most important reason to increase the amount of liability coverage you have on your fleet.

It may mean the difference between having a business and giving it to someone else, just because of one minor accident.

Comprehensive and Collision Insurance

As stated above, most insurance policies are a combination of coverages. The comprehensive and collision insurance coverage will pay for your vehicle and driver if you are in an accident.

This is important coverage to have because you will need to have your business vehicles in working order. Normally with collision coverage you will be reimbursed for the cost of repairing your work vehicle or if the vehicle is totaled you will be reimbursed the current value of the vehicle.

Do not expect to get what it would cost you to replace the vehicle. Collision coverage is the most expensive part of an automotive insurance policy. You can keep your insurance costs down by increasing your deductible, or through an auto insurance comparison with our free zip code search, and find cheap auto insurance with another company.

The agents at Aegis will take the time to explain this to you and assist you in deciding the best deductible for your needs. Comprehensive vehicle insurance will cover your fleet if something were to happen to it when they are not being operated.

This means if there was a fire in your business and your vehicles were damaged or ruined the comprehensive insurance would take care of it. Comprehensive automobile coverage also takes care of loss due to theft or vandalism as well as natural disasters.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists

Aegis insurance offers uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage as well. This coverage will assist you and your workers if struck by a hit and run driver or someone that doesn’t have insurance or not enough to cover your vehicle and driver.

This is especially important when you are a business owner because many commercial vehicles can cost more to repair than the state minimum insurance requirements. Try our zip code search to find the best auto insurance quote for free!

Don’t worry –  a professional agent at Aegis can explain everything to you without pressuring you to buy.Aegis-Auto-Insurance-Agent

Aegis Insurance Markets may be considered a ‘toddler’ in the commercial auto insurance industry, but they conduct their business as if they are a ‘grandfather’.

This agency offers everything you need to completely cover your fleet, including the drivers, while protecting your business from loss due to a lawsuit. If you need automotive insurance for your business, try comparing quotes with our free comparison tool!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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