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Federated Auto Insurance Review

The mark of an excellent insurance company is the fact that it has the financial strength to pay all of its obligations. This would mean that it would not matter how many claims were filed at once; the insurance company would not experience any difficulties paying for all of the legitimate claims. Find the best auto insurance for your needs by entering your ZIP code in our car insurance comparison tool and get multiple car insurance quotes for FREE.

Ward’s 50

A company that has been shown to have incredible financial strength is Federated Auto Insurance. Ward’s 50 is a consulting firm that reviews the financial strength of insurance companies, and it has placed Federated Auto Insurance on its list of 50 companies every year since 2001; only two insurance companies have been able to accomplish this. 

A spot on Ward’s 50 is the best place for an insurance company to be because earning a place on this list means: 

  • The company is in a safe place financially
  • The financial outlook of the company is consistent
  • Their performance has remained in good standing over a period of five years 

A.M. Best

A.M. Best is a credit ratings agency that also rates insurance companies on their financial strength, and this company agrees that Federated Auto Insurance has the financial strength to meet its obligations. Federated Auto Insurance has received the second highest credit rating from A.M. Best that is possible, an A+ meaning “Superior.”

A.M. Best uses similar criteria for rating insurance companies such as reviewing the company’s balance sheets, evaluating their business performance and the company’s profile. A.M. Best also compares the companies they are reviewing to each other, and Federated Auto Insurance obviously stands out in the crowd, since very few companies receive such high ratings. 

excited-woman-with-laptopCustomer Satisfaction

Federated Auto Insurance’s customers also have given their insurance company high ratings when they were surveyed. The last survey showed that 97 percent of the company’s customers are highly satisfied with the company’s performance. Another 96 percent were so happy with Federated Auto Insurance that if a family member or a friend were to ask which auto insurance company they would recommend, they would tell them about Federated Auto Insurance. See what other car insurance companies have high customer satisfaction numbers in our auto insurance reviews page.

Prompt Claims Processing

Part of accomplishing high ratings for customer satisfaction is prompt attention to their claims. Federated Auto Insurance makes a point of having their highly-trained claims specialists address their clients’ claims in the same day, if possible. 

Risk Management Services

One thing that makes Federated Auto Insurance unique is its risk management services. With risk management, the company helps its clients identify what their risks are and how they can eliminate or reduce them. In order to help their drivers learn what constitutes distracted driving, they have implemented a program they have entitled, “Distracted Driving – At What Cost” that helps people reduce their susceptibility to driving while distracted. 

They also have a list of topics on their website where their clients can learn more about a topic related to driving. For example, one article addresses the subject of texting while driving. This particular article offered statistics important to drivers such as the fact that distracted driving contributed to causing 25 percent of the car collisions that occurred on the roads. 

Auto Insurance Rates Set for the Year

Federated Auto Insurance writes policies for the year, so their clients do not have to worry that their policies will need to be renewed every six months. This ensures that their rates will not be raised for at least a year. Enter your ZIP code in our car insurance comparison tool to get multiple online car insurance quotes.


To help their clients lower their car insurance rates, Federated Auto Insurance gives them a chance to qualify for their many auto insurance discounts. Clients of Federated Auto Insurance will have lower rates if they: 

Discount Insurance

  • Had no moving violations or car collisions over the last five years
  • Insure more than one vehicle with their company
  • Have been with the company for a long period of time
  • Installed devices against theft
  • Installed safety features on their vehicles
  • Have air bags
  • Have high credit scores
  • Complete a safe driving course at the age of 55 or older 

Federated Auto Insurance Coverage

Federated Auto Insurance’s liability coverage sets the limits much higher than people will find for liability policies with other companies. With this company, people can purchase liability coverage with a $1,000,000 limit for the entire accident. If Federated Auto Insurance clients are driving a rental car and they damage the vehicle, these damages are covered under their policies. 

After a vehicle has been damaged in a car collision, Federated Auto Insurance does not restrict their clients’ choices as to where they can take their cars to be fixed. They are also not required to have aftermarket parts placed in their vehicles; if they request it, they can make sure that original equipment parts be used when repairing their vehicles.

When a client of Federated Auto Insurance qualifies as a good driver, one who has not been stopped for a moving violation or been involved in a car collision in five years, this particular policy holder will have $250 taken off of the deductible.

Other Options 

Federated Auto Insurance also gives its clients options that are more commonly known at most other insurance companies like: 

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance 24 hours a day, every day of the week
  • Replacement of new vehicles
  • Payment for rental cars when the insured vehicle is being repaired
  • Windshield repair without payment of a deductible
  • Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) insurance

To find the most affordable auto insurance rates, the best thing to do is compare quotes. Enter your ZIP code to receive multiple car insurance quotes for FREE.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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