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Yosemite Auto Insurance Review

This review will be organized into seven sections: General Information, Claims, Contact Information, Ratings, Customer Service, Agents and Policy Information, and Company Details. Anyone interested in learning more about Yosemite Auto Insurance should contact the company.

If you are interested to see how their rates compare to other auto insurance companies for FREE enter your ZIP code. This information is meant to provide a basic overview of the pros and cons of Yosemite. We also offer you the opportunity to compare auto insurance quotes from around the country with Yosemite’s quotes for FREE simply by entering your ZIP code.

General Information

Auto Insurance Company Reviews

Founded in 1964, the Yosemite Insurance Company got its roots in California. However, incorporation was transferred to Indiana in 1998, because the company was doing more business in the Midwest than on the West Coast.

If you have not heard of Yosemite auto insurance, it’s because the company is actually owned by the American General Finance Corporation, a large conglomerate of small insurance businesses. This company is known as Springleaf Financial, Inc., which exists and does business under the umbrella of AIG, the American International Group.

The Yosemite Insurance Company underwrites insurance policies in 47 states. Most of its policies are sold as attachments to Springleaf Financial personal and business loans, with the majority of collected premiums for private auto insurance policies.They offer many different types of auto insurance, including Collision Insurance Coverage, Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury along with many others.

Yosemite Auto Insurance Claims

Yosemite Auto Insurance

All claims for the Yosemite Insurance Company go through Springleaf offices. Yosemite is basically just a shell company that offers insurance policies, but it is actually run by Springleaf agents. If you need to file a claim and you have a Yosemite insurance policy, you should call Springleaf.


The Yosemite Insurance Company is not accredited or rated by the Better Business Bureau. In the last three years, the BBB has only received four complaints against Yosemite. One complaint described a problem with the guarantee, while three were problems with the insurance policy itself. All of these complaints were eventually resolved.

The A.M. Best financial rating service downgraded Yosemite to a “B” in 2011. Springleaf Financial was hit hard by the economic crisis of 2008, and its financial standing has been shaky since then. While the Yosemite Insurance Company has continued to perform well, it is seen by the rating agency as carrying a slight risk of bankruptcy or default because its parent company has done poorly.

Yosemite Auto Insurance Customer Service

Customer service

All customer service requests for the Yosemite Insurance Company are handled by SpringleafFinancial, Inc. Yosemite does not have a separate website for policyholders to contact the company. However, customers may provide feedback at Springleaf’s website. Feedback submission consists of answering questions and adding comments about customer experience.

Yosemite Auto Insurance Agents and Policy Information

You will be directed to the phone number and address of the nearest branch office in either AL, FL, GA, IN, KY, MO, NC, TN or TX. Different states have different state minimum auto insurance numbers. The website will also provide a map to the branch location if you need it. Check out our FREE auto insurance comparison tool by entering your ZIP code and get numerous cheap car insurance quotes.

Most Yosemite auto insurance policies are provided alongside Springleaf automobile loans. Springleaf has been financing automobile purchases for over 90 years, and their one-stop loan and insurance package is extremely convenient for new and used auto purchasers.

Finally, it is important to note that Springleaf Financial actually takes care of all Yosemite insurance. All insurance agents are actually Springleaf employees working out of local offices. These employees have working knowledge of both automobile loans as well as insurance policies, making them all-around good people to talk to if you want to purchase a car. Yosemite Insurance provides a wide range of car insurance discounts to its customers.

Company Details

Yosemite Auto insurance

Spirngleaf maintains over 1,100 branch offices across 40 states around the country. Each office employs tens to hundreds of individuals. At any given time, there may be several open positions at each branch office. Prospective employees may click on Branch Career Opportunities on the website to look at all the different positions available.

This list contains descriptions and requirements for each position as well as the relative pay scale. Some unpaid internship positions are available for college students.

Springleaf is headquartered in Evansville, IN.

The company culture, values, and vision of the Yosemite Insurance Company and, by extension, of Springleaf Financial, are listed and explained in the website’s career opportunities section. They consist of the sorts of things one would expect from an upstanding American company:

  • Dedication to customer service
  • Commitment to open communication
  • Performance-based culture
  • Honesty and respect as core principles

Does the Yosemite Insurance Company sound like a good policy for you? Would you like a one-stop insurance/loan bundle when you buy your new car? Compare Yosemite’s policy details with those of other auto insurance companies in your area for FREE by entering your ZIP code today!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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