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AGCS Auto Insurance Review

AGCS-Auto-Insurance-ReviewAGCS Insurance offers top-notch auto insurance to businesses in every industry and global location. Compare auto insurance quotes for free with our zip code search! AGCS stands for Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty Insurance.

As one might expect, AGCS is among the leading auto insurance companies for businesses. Allianz, the corporate body behind AGCS, is a trusted name in integrated financial services around the world.

It has financed thousands of business ventures for over 110 years and has been listed with the German DAX stock market since its inception. Headquartered in Munich, the company has offices all over the world.

AGCS currently serves as the auto insurance wing of Allianz, but it was originally its own company. Known as the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Group, it was established in 1962.

AGCS remains a subsidiary of Fireman’s Fund Insurance, though it is arguably more closely connected with the rest of Allianz’s business operations.

If you are looking for affordable auto insurance, you need to be able to compare and contrast different plans and companies instantly. We can help you figure out if AGCS is right for your needs.

AGCS Auto Insurance Services

Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty Insurance offers a variety of insurance programs and related services for corporate customers. These include:

  • Risk consulting
  • Claims services
  • Liability insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Captive and fronting services
  • International insurance programs
  • Financial lines
  • Alternative risk transfer

The company offers its services to many industries. It specializes in:

  • Engineering
  • Energy
  • Marine
  • Aviation

Additionally, AGCS covers industries like defense, construction, financial services, food, heath care, logistics, manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, real estate, retail, technology, telecom and many more.

Chances are good that your business is eligible for AGCS coverage.

AGCS Auto Insurance Official Ratings

Allianz carries the coveted “A+” rating from A.M. Best, a key rater of financial services companies. This rating indicates that AGCS is fully capable of supporting over half of all the prestigious Fortune 500 companies.AGCS-Auto-Insurance-Rating

Additionally, AGCS carries an “A” rating from Standard and Poor’s.

Reasons to Choose AGCS Auto Insurance

As one of the top corporate insurance providers in the world, AGCS has many qualities, services and business models that are sure to benefit your business, offering some of the best auto insurance coverage available. These include:

  • Local Decision Making – With many regional offices all around the world, AGCS can offer auto insurance based on the local market needs and realities of any client or customer.
  • International Experience – Likewise, AGCS has experience doing business with people all around the world. The company maintains over 10,000 major corporate client policies.
  • High Capacity and Solvency – With a strong liquid asset portfolio and leading capacity, AGCS can underwrite large risks and still maintain their financial standing.
  • Diversified Risk Portfolio – Geared toward stability and long-term consistency, AGCS offers a comprehensive range of products.
  • Proven Track Record – With over 100 years in business, Allianz maintains decades-long relationships with major businesses around the world. Over half of all Fortune 500 companies have accounts with AGCS, and nearly every marine and aviation enterprise maintains insurance with the company.

AGCS offers one of the safest, most consistent records you’ll find in the high-volume auto insurance market.

Reasons to Choose a Different Insurance Provider

If you are a lone individual looking for cheap auto insurance for yourself, you may not want to choose AGCS for your auto insurance policy. They tend to cater to a corporate crowd that buys insurance policies in bulk for business needs.

While the company does offer individual insurance policies, it may not provide the same choices as a consumer-geared insurance company. AGCS’s prices may be too high and its coverage options may be too limited.

While AGCS is one of the better business auto insurers out there, other corporate insurance policies may be more suited to your particular industry or company.

You should compare auto insurance options with our free zip code search before making a final decision.AGCS-Auto-Insurance-Choices

In conclusion, AGCS offers excellent auto insurance to a specialized subset of buyers. The corporate and business class seeking to insure their vehicles would do well to add AGCS to their short list.

Feel free to use our auto insurance comparison search tool to see if AGCS is the right choice for you or your company.

Top performance, many global office locations and wide industry coverage all make Alliance Global Corporate and Specialty Insurance an ideal choice for corporate policyholders.

However, there are other quality insurers out there as well. We can help you do your research and choose the most effective insurance policy that meets your needs. Start now by using our search tool for a free auto insurance quote comparison!

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