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Chubb Auto Insurance Review

chubb auto insuranceChubb auto insurance gives its customers incredible flexibility for everything that concerns their vehicles. They will be able to negotiate several things before they even purchase the car insurance policy. This way, Chubb auto insurance clients know exactly what will occur if they ever need to file a claim after an accident they have caused or was caused by another driver, and they will receive the best car insurance for their needs.

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Agreed Value

Chubb auto insurance customers may choose to accept something called the Agreed Value if their vehicles are determined to be a total loss. Rather than having to accept the market value for their cars that is reduced by the automobile’s depreciation, Chubb auto insurance clients set the amount of money they will receive from the company themselves based on two things:

  • The amount of money that was paid for the car
  • The condition of the vehicle at the time of the accident

With Chubb auto insurance, after a vehicle has been totaled, these clients never have to pay a deductible to receive the agreed upon amount. Because the amount has been set in advance, they do not have to argue with the insurance company about what they believe they deserve to be paid.

The advantage of the Chubb auto insurance Agreed Value plan is that it allows the clients to receive a much higher settlement than they would if they had to accept the actual value. In some cases, Chubb auto insurance clients receive over $20,000 more than they would have received for the Kelley Blue Book value.

Repair Work

After and accident, the vehicle will need to be repaired. Chubb auto insurance clients have the ability to choose the mechanic or the repair facility that they are most comfortable with working on their cars. Chubb auto insurance will pay for these repairs even though they have not dictated where the vehicle can be taken.

Chubb auto insurance also does not limit what they will pay for in these situations. Chubb auto insurance pays for more than just the labor costs; they will also pay for the vehicle’s genuine parts and not force the car’s owner to accept generic parts because they are cheaper.

Loss of Use Coverage

After an accident and the car is being repaired, the accident victims may want to have a replacement to be able to conduct their lives as they had before the accident. Chubb auto insurance offers its clients an amount of money that will be used for whatever the client sees fit to spend it on, and it can be as much as $5,500. They may choose any type of vehicle they like if they decide to rent, and they will pay for it with the sum of money they receive from their Loss of Use coverage.

Some people don’t have an idea of where they would like their vehicles to be repaired. In these cases, Chubb auto insurance helps them by recommending a good auto body repair shop or mechanic that uses only the manufacturer’s parts recommended for the vehicles. Chubb auto insurance will even guarantee the quality of the repairs done at the repair facility they suggest for the entire time the customer owns the vehicle.

Chubb Auto Insurance Discounts

Chubb Auto InsuranceChubb auto insurance clients can qualify for a discount on car insurance  if they also purchase a homeowner’s insurance policy with the company. If their clients agree to take an accident prevention course, they will receive another discount. If their vehicles have daytime running lights, they can receive a discount because of it.

Cars that have safety features make the possibility of being seriously hurt in an accident less likely. For this reason, Chubb auto insurance can offer several discounts to clients that have these features:

  • 1. Anti-lock brakes.
  • 2. Automatic seat belts.
  • 3. Air bags.

Excess Liability Insurance

Chubb auto insurance also sells liability insurance, of course, because it is the law that they do so. Liability insurance has limits and if the policyholders have significant assets that they need to protect, they might want the option of purchasing even more liability coverage.

If people aren’t insured with Chubb auto insurance, they would have to purchase extra liability coverage from another insurance company. Chubb auto insurance clients can purchase their liability coverage from Chubb as well as Excess liability insurance that can add as much as $5,000,000 to their original liability limits. Chubb also offers many other types of car insurance.

Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes Is Always a Good Idea

Moving car

Chubb auto insurance offers highly flexible policies that give their clients a tremendous amount of input, but car owners will still need to compare auto insurance quotes from other insurance companies. It is never a good idea to only research the insurance options of one company.

Chubb auto insurance appears to have great coverage, but this coverage is not necessarily right for everyone. Another company may have a policy that would be more appropriate for these clients, so check out our car insurance reviews. Enter your ZIP code in our car insurance quote tool above to get cheap car insurance quotes.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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