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Farmland Auto Insurance Review

About the Farmland Auto Insurance

Under the umbrella of its parent company, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company & Affiliate Companies, Farmland Auto Insurance supplies, among other things, personal automobile insurance. Farmland consists of F&B, Inc., Farmland Mutual Insurance Company and Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance Company. 

The company was founded in 1909 and purchased by Nationwide in 1982. Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa since 1946, Farmland has offices throughout the country available to service the needs of its clients, including stations in Amarillo, TX, Merrill, WI, Columbus, OH and Oregon. Get multiple online auto insurance quotes for FREE by entering your ZIP code in our car insurance comparison tool.

Farmland consistently receives high ratings from A.M. Best, the top insurance industry credit rating organization that’s been in service for over ten decades

Insurance Offered by Farmland

A fire and casualty company, Farmland offers may types of car insurance: business car insurance, vehicle insurance, full coverage auto insurance and standard auto insurance. As consolidating insurance needs can also save on premiums, know that in addition Farmland’s coverage includes health, home, boat, airplane and business. Full information is available by contacting their agents directly or, better, getting a free online quote. 

Silver Truck DrivingInsurance rates vary depending on age, gender, credit and vehicle models from state to state. Liability coverage standards are also going to fluctuate. This means a consumer needs to take the time and find a reputable insurer like Farmland. One wants, among other things, a sound history of customer support and quick response on claims from a provider. Farmland’s reputation in these areas is unassailable. 

One’s driving record (and that of anyone else one plans to include) will be used to determine the parameters of a policy. This will include any prior accidents, any or all tickets (especially moving violations) and any DUIs. None of these elements reduce the likelihood of a promising rate, but do not forget this while researching decent coverage.

One can be on their way to practical and frugal insurance savings before ever getting behind the wheel. This action will definitely save a few dollars by indicating to an insurer one’s intent to being a safe driver. When purchasing a new car, even before considering insurance options, the first two crucial questions to ask one’s self should be:

  • What safety features are supplied and/or available that will aid in avoiding an incident in the first place?
  • Can the vehicle protect you and your family if there is an accident?

Take the time to ensure the vehicle is equipped with as many safety features as possible. Farmland will be certain to take these procedures into account when preparing a policy and these safety features will help you get auto insurance discounts:

  • Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
  • Electronic stability control (ESC)
  • A security system
  • Frontal air bags (advanced air bag systems are preferred); side air bags; rollover air bags

If possible — and since the model of the auto will affect the premium — know your vehicle’s weight. A car that’s less likely to flip provides a better level of safety and, again, a better rate.

Everyone on the policy should take a defensive driving course no less than once a year. With these security measures in place, a solid insurance provider will offer savings on your premiums. Compare car insurance quotes for FREE by entering your ZIP code above.

Farmland Insurance Group

While Farmland maintains its own set of specialty agents, within the Nationwide support team, Farmland offers consumers a stable insurance marketing and sales arm, with a group of independent insurance brokers and an agent network of about 4,000 individuals ready to prepare the best possible deal on automobile insurance. Online tools are prepared to help comprehend and compare insurance plans in a number of simple steps.

Though one should consider looking at rates annually to stay competitive, Farmland can be depended upon to offer some of the lowest rates available at any given time. Dun & Bradstreet, the world’s number one supplier of commercial information and insight on businesses, considers Farmland a low risk opportunity.

That is admirable. When in search of an insurer, it’s imperative that the choice is not high risk. The viable insurance company that can solve problems, yet not create or increase them at the worst possible moment is the asset a consumer wants.

Alongside Nationwide, Farmland offers concrete claims services:

  • Written guarantee on repairs
  • Choice of qualified trustworthy car repair shops
  • Monitoring repairs online

There are a number of auto insurance discounts offered by Farmland:

  • Multi-policy — save up to 25% if policies for auto, home and life are bundledbundle insurance
  • Multi-vehicle — save up to 20% by insuring more than one vehicle
  • Accident free — if you have 5 years driving experience and have been free of chargeable accidents in that time, save up to 10% 
  • Good student — 15% discount if your teenager is recording a ‘B’ or higher grade on their report card
  • Long-term policyholder — save 15% if insured at least 5 years; 5% for 3 years
  • Affinity car insurance — save 10% by being a member of a qualifying organization
  • Anti-theft insurance — savings based on safety features and the state
  • Passive occupant restraint — save when a vehicle has full front seat air bags or automatic restraints
  • Accident prevention — successfully complete a motor vehicle accident prevention course approved by the local Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Farm Bureau Member Discount — receive substantial savings for policyholders in select states. With its strong focus on supporting the agricultural industry, Farmland is one of the leaders in supplying insurance to farmers and businesses that cultivate farming

Ensuring that Farmland Auto Insurance offers many great options and discounts. If Farmland is ultimately your choice, be assured that you will receive quality service, recommendable discounts, customer loyalty and over a hundred years of experience. To find the best car insurance for your needs, enter your ZIP code in our car insurance comparison tool and get multiple car insurance quotes for FREE.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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