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The Hartford Auto Insurance Review

The Hartford provides insurance coverage for all types of autos, including business, commercial and fleet vehicles. Try our free zip code search to compare car insurance quotes!The-Hartford-Auto-Insurance-ReviewThe Hartford, one of the premier auto insurance companies also offers insurance for special vehicles such as motorcycles, motor scooters and ATVs. See if The Hartford Auto Insurance is best for you with our free quote comparison tool.

History of The Hartford

In 1810 a group of investors in Hartford, Connecticut formed an insurance company with a small amount of working capital.

The company, Hartford Fire Insurance, thrived and it managed to bounce back from disaster and many major business fluctuations to begin successfully offering insurance and financial services throughout the US.

During the company’s 200 years in business, The Hartford has changed its name several times due to acquisitions and expansions, before officially becoming The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. in 1997.

The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. is a company that sells life, auto, home and dental insurance, it is commonly referred to as, The Hartford.

The Hartford now has 175,000 independent offices and agents to provide cheap auto insurance coverage and financial services to millions of policy holders in the United States and abroad with offices located in Brazil, Canada, the UK, Ireland and Japan.

For the reporting year of 2009, The Hartford Insurance Company had revenues of over $20 billion, making it number four on a list of top ten insurance providers in the nation (ranked according to the amount of assets).

Why Select The Hartford Auto Insurance?

The Hartford Insurance company is a Fortune 500 company with over 200 years of industry experience. The company has an excellent record of providing superior customer service and they consistently receive high marks for offering some of the best auto insurance at low, affordable rates.

Customers of Hartford auto insurance praise the company for how well they handle claims with quick and reliable processing.The-Hartford-Auto-Insurance-Service

The Hartford Auto Insurance Advantages

  • Customer support and claims available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Low introductory rates
  • No hassle claims processing
  • Reliable coverage from a company with 200 years of experience
  • Multiple Insurance Policy discount available for other Hartford products such as home, life and dental insurance

Unique Benefits of Hartford Insurance Coverage- (Most of the benefits that are offered are perks of the AARP optional Advantage plus package for drivers over the age of 50)

  1. First Accident Forgiveness- For qualified policy holders, first accident does not count against the driver, for drivers without an accident or moving violation for a period of five years prior, no additional policy changes or rate increases will occur because of the accident.
  2. New Car Replacement-If a new car is damage and declared a total lost, within 15 months or 15,000 miles, the Hartford will replace the car with the exact model.
  3. Disappearing Deductible-Collision coverage reduced by $150 for policy holder who maintain a clean driving record for three years, only for qualified policy holders who select the Advantage Plus car insurance option.
  4. RecoverCar-e-After accident recovery assistance provides payments for additional help with every day living chores such as cooking, shopping, transportation, yard work and dog walking.
  5. Deductible Waiver for No-Fault Accidents-For collision damage that results in vehicle loss, policy holder doesn’t pay the deductible, when the other driver caused the accident. No-Fault forgiveness means The Hartford Company pays the deductible and covers the costs of the damages.

The AARP auto insurance program is only for mature drivers. Other auto insurance discounts and savings are available, such as:

  • Discount for completion of a defensive driver program
  • Good student driver discount
  • Discount for anti-theft devices
  • Air bags discount

The Hartford Auto Insurance Conclusions

One of the many advantages of Hartford auto insurance coverage is the fact that on average their customers save $400-$600 annually, savings may vary according to the location and state auto insurance rates.

See how much you can save by comparing quotes for free with our zip code search!The-Hartford-Auto-Insurance-Quotes

When considering The Hartford for auto insurance, the best way to find out how the company stacks up against the competition is to learn about the insurance company and their auto coverage before purchasing the policy.

All information that is submitted in the form to request a rate quote from the Hartford Insurance Company is handled through a secured server and the information is not sold to a third party.

It also helps to manage finances by creating a budget once it is determined how much the entire policy will cost for a one upfront payment versus the calculated interests for monthly premium installment payments.

Think that The Hartford Auto Insurance might be the car insurance company that fits you best?

Compare auto insurance quotes for free with our quote comparison tool!

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