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Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance Review

Unitrin-Direct-Auto-Insurance-ReviewWant the inside scoop on Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance?

Find out what you need to know, then compare car insurance quotes for free with our search tool!

Each state has different requirements for automobile insurance, and rates vary between different auto insurance companies.

Before choosing coverage, check the state auto insurance rates and laws, and be certain that the coverage is appropriate for the area of residence. Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance has advisers ready to help ensure each customer has appropriate and adequate coverage.

Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance offers several advantages to consumers when making an auto insurance comparison to find the best rates. The company has recently switched from a 12-month to a 6-month term.

This makes it possible for more consumers to take advantage of the “fully paid” discount, since the payment will be only half the required fee for a year of coverage.

The 6-month term also makes it possible to lower the auto insurance rate by dropping off penalties caused by traffic violations more quickly. This results in a savings to the customer while keeping the insurance protection intact.

The convenience of having continuous coverage automatically deducted from a bank account is also available through Unitrin’s Easy Pay system.

Also, the customer is able to check the account and request changes online, conveniently from home. No more handling paper and paying for postage.

New policies can go into effect as soon as 12:01 am on the day following purchase. This assures the customer of prompt and effective coverage as quickly as possible. Unitrin-Direct-Auto-Insurance-Coverage

Unitrin Direct Rates

Unitrin works hard to keep consumers informed regarding how they can keep insurance rates down.

The rate depends on the probability that a company will need to pay out funds to cover costs associated with an accident or other adverse effect, such as theft of the automobile.

Several factors have a major effect on the rate a customer pays for auto insurance.

These include the age and record of the driver, collision history, safety features of the automobile, cost to repair the particular model, and place of residence.

Unitrin offers several discounts related to these factors that allows them to offer some cheap auto insurance options.

The customer reports on each, facts are checked, and discounts are automatically rolled into the price quote so that the customer has a clear idea of what the insurance will cost.

This process also points up how a consumer can save on rates in the future.

  1. Pay-in-Full Discount – When the account is paid in full at the beginning of a term of coverage, depending on the laws of the state of residence, the consumer receives a discount.
  2. Homeowner Discount – If the customer owns a house, condominium or mobile home and is the primary driver, a discount may be received.
  3. Mature Driver/Driver Improvement Discount – If the primary driver is 55 years of age (may vary by state) or older and has completed a driver improvement course, this discount may apply.
  4. Distant Student Discount – If a driver is under the age of 23 and attends a school a considerable distance from home, thus having limited access to the automobile, this discount may apply.
  5. E-Signature Discount – A customer who agrees to conduct business online, rather than by mail, and enrolls in EasyPay my qualify for a discount.
  6. Choice Coverage – This discount applies automatically when a consumer purchases bodily injury and collision coverage with limits equal to $50,000 per person or $199,999 per incident.
  7. Multi-Policy Discount – This discount automatically applies when a customer purchases homeowner’s or renter’s insurance in addition to automobile coverage. Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance has advisers ready to assist in ensuring appropriate coverage.
  8. Insured Residence – This discount may apply if the customer has insurance on a residence and is the primary driver.
  9. Group – Membership in certain insured groups will qualify the customer for a discount.
  10. Premier – In Pennsylvania, a customer who purchases collision and full tort coverage qualifies for a discount.
  11. Loyalty Discount – This discount is automatically applied upon the first renewal, assuming there has been no lapse in coverage.

Unitrin-Direct-Auto-Insurance-DiscountsOther Ways to Save

Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance works hard to keep customers informed of strategies for lowering their online auto insurance rates.

Working with the company, a consumer can keep costs to a minimum.

These techniques include enrolling in EasyPay, getting quotes on various automobiles before purchasing, increasing deductibles, driving defensively, and obeying all traffic laws to keep the driving record absolutely clean.

Want to find out how much you can save? Try our free car insurance quote comparison tool today!

Types of Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance Coverage

  1. Bodily Injury Coverage pays for expenses related to the death or injury of persons involved in automobile accidents. It is important to be sure this is adequate.
  2. Collision Coverage pays for damage to the automobile involved in a collision.
  3. Full Tort Coverage pays for liability including pain and suffering, plus any punitive damages awarded by a court.
  4. Limited Tort Coverage pays for out of pocket expenses related to an accident, but not for punitive damages or pain and suffering

Purchasing appropriate types of auto insurance in the correct amounts is the responsibility of every driver. Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance provides guidance in ensuring good coverage and several discounts to help lower the rate of premiums.

Take advantage of the new 6-month term for paid-in-full or EasyPay accounts and the various other generous discounts available to responsible drivers.

Whether starting out with a first automobile or looking for ways to save due to a consistently stellar driving record, be sure to look to Unitrin for the best rates on appropriate and adequate auto insurance.

To compare quotes and find the best rate for your car insurance premium, try our free comparison tool now!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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